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The history of the local First National Bank dates back to the opening of the town of Thomas on August 22, 1902. Known then as the Farmers and Merchants Bank, bank officers applied for a national charter less than two years later. The First National bank of Thomas was chartered a national bank by the Comptroller of the Currency on May 28, 1904 under Charter No. 7278. The bank has served Thomas and the surrounding communities since that date under the same charter.

The past 100 years has seen the bank grow from its modest beginning to its present size. A statement as reported to the Comptroller of the Currency in 1904 listed capital stock at $10,000.00, undivided profits of $3,514.08, and deposits of $39,111.25 for a total of $52,625.33. Today the bank reports total capital in excess of $5,000,000.00 with total assets over $35,000,000.00. Since it's beginning, First National bank remained at its original location on Main and Broadway until 1981. In 1981 the bank built a new financial center at 301 West Broadway and remains at that location today.

Only six men have been named president of the institution, including Phil Wherritt who is now serving as president. At the time the bank received its charter, J. S. Huston was president; F. D. Curphey, vice president, and T. S. Garvin, cashier. Mr. Huston served as president until 1910 at which time E. D. Foster was elected president. He continued in that position until his retirement in 1940. C. H. Johnson was elected president on January 1, 1940 and served until 1971 when his son Richard L. Johnson took over. He served until June 11, 1976. At that time the bank was sold and Jack W. Dickey became president. Current vice presidents of the bank are Judy Payne, who is also cashier, and Ronnie Jones. Glenda Claussen is assistant cashier. Other employees include Kristi McCrary, Betty Pike, Bridget Slattery, and Lacie Dunn.